We are thrilled to welcome Jonathan Padilla as an official Hypernet Labs advisor!

Jonathan M. Padilla is a native of California. He currently serves as CEO and Co-Founder of Snickerdoodle Labs; a venture-funded startup focused on building the metadata layer of Web 3.0 and empowering individuals to take control of…

Adopting any bleeding-edge technology can be tracked by the amount of difficulty required in the implementation, both in the existing knowledge base and the number of resources dedicated to adoption.

Our mission at Hypernet Protocol has been to create a people-centric model for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. While…

Hypernet Labs Announces New Features on Galileo and Advancements on the Hypernet Protocol

We are rapidly expanding testing of the Hypernet Protocol. As we near completion of our private testnet, we will be moving quickly to an open testnet and deployment on Ethereum’s Rinkeby. If you are interested in joining our exclusive private testnet, please sign up here.

Our mission is to create…

Algorand Hypernet Galileo

Hypernet Labs — co-founded by Stanford alums Todd Chapman and Ivan Ravlich, focused on building cutting-edge technologies for Web 3.0 — is excited to announce its acceptance of a developer grant from the Algorand Foundation to enhance the node hosting user experience for Algorand Relay Nodes. …

Exaion Cloud is now available for immediate use to high performance computing consumers through the Galileo web application. Learn more on the Galileo website and/or create an account and try it out for yourself.

Hypernet Labs’ work with Exaion is part of its effort to build a marketplace for computing…

This month we are ecstatic to announce that we have reached a major milestone: the first phase of TestNet has begun.

We have officially commenced our private TestNet with core community members. Phase 1 involves initial, invite-only, testing sessions with a small cohort of select users.

Test users are currently able to carry out computing processes in Galileo and pay for their computing power using TestNet tokens and a test version of the Hypernet Protocol.

Since its inception, our…

EDF subsidiary Exaion plans to democratize supercomputing by offering easy and fast access to its high performance machines through Hypernet Labs’ Galileo web application.

Announcing their partnership today, Exaion and Hypernet aim to transform the existing cloud computing landscape, which is both energy intensive and extremely intricate. …

Greetings, Hypernauts! The entire Hypernet team continues to plow ahead on the development of the Hypernet Protocol in order to enable blockchain-based metered payments and to support a marketplace for computing power.

…in the process, we also put together an updated roadmap for your viewing pleasure:

  • Designed to take advantage of layer 2 innovations, but trustless resolution at layer 1 of the blockchain infrastructure remains an option
  • Agnostic as to the identity of the dispute moderator
  • Testing with the Galileo web app
  • … plus Galileo updates

We’re pumped this month to announce significant technical progress on…

In our last update, we released our most recent technical roadmap and outlined some of the major contours of the road ahead. As promised, “Roadmap Part 2” highlights a selection of major achievements from the past year.

Where We’ve Been

As of last spring, we were testing a comparatively minimal version of Galileo…

Hypernet Labs

Hypernet harnesses blockchain tech and cloud to power data science, simulations, AI, and other computing work.

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