Protocol Sneak Peek: Hypernet Core!

As we begin 2021, we are extremely excited to unveil our first sneak peek of what we call Hypernet Core, the layer 2 scaling piece of the Hypernet Protocol stack. See it in action:

Click to watch: Hypernet Protocol Demonstration Video

The Hypernet Core is designed to enable gasless microtransactions that are virtually instantaneous. As Todd explains in the demo, two of our major aims are:

  • User-friendliness in the purchase of services, including for those who are unfamiliar with blockchain

The demo above highlights the mechanics of the Protocol in a developer-facing UI tool. We are now working on the user-facing UX and associated reusable components. The aim, again, is to enable merchant developers to easily integrate the Protocol into their existing software stacks in a standardizable fashion.

As we continue to develop and internally test the Protocol, we are looking forward to our plans for the next phase: integration with the Galileo app. Galileo is the flagship application that we are building to consume the Hypernet Protocol and facilitate our marketplace for computing power. It is also intended to provide an example as to how the Protocol can be linked to merchant services alongside traditional payment systems.

After this integration phase, we’ve planned a Protocol test phase with users, with the aim of optimizing the user experience. We are ultimately moving towards an open source protocol on Ethereum that meets the requirements of a decentralized marketplace, such as the market for computing power we are working to facilitate with Galileo.

Hypernet harnesses blockchain tech and cloud to power data science, simulations, AI, and other computing work.