September 2021 Hypernet Labs Update

We are rapidly expanding testing of the Hypernet Protocol. As we near completion of our private testnet, we will be moving quickly to an open testnet and deployment on Ethereum’s Rinkeby. If you are interested in joining our exclusive private testnet, please sign up here.

Our mission is to create a transformative system that makes a path for the broader adoption of blockchain technology. This will lead to an expansion of use for those hesitant or incapable of using blockchain technology to improve their businesses, research, and our world. Through this expansion, those knowledgeable in the space will have an acceleration of opportunities. We are excited to share how improvements to our technical fundamentals of the Protocol have supported that mission.

Governance Incorporation

This month has continued integration of best practices in our upcoming governance application. Our work in governance will lead to more long-term incorporation of the Hypernet Protocol and the central idea of blockchain technology; the empowerment of individuals to have access to decision-making that centralized institutions of authority have historically locked.

Our front-end team has been building out the screens for the governance application. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more information about how it links to some of the most exciting aspects of our bleeding-edge technology developments that serve as a bridge to our mission and differentiation in the space.

Additions to Galileo

Galileo has successfully established the desire for our Protocol and how we can use the Protocol to expand the development of available resources to deal with the complex problems our planet faces. We are constantly developing new ways to improve our user’s experience and give them tools to build upon our network.

First, we have built a drag-and-drop builder component. This will make it easier for users to package custom software tools for distribution in the Galileo user network. You can see it in action below:

Drag-and-Drop Builder on Galileo

Second, we have been progressing in supporting software development with work on the developer environment based on the Galileo IDE that was built as part of Hypernet’s partnership with Algorand. We are also working on PyTeal contract development and deployment, coupled with the Algorand node deployment within a single Galileo mission. PyTeal is a Python language binding for Algorand Smart Contracts that abstracts away the complexities in writing smart contracts. It is provided as an open-source tool for the Algorand community. Combining it with node deployment within the same Galileo mission can significantly improve the UX for our users.

On the hardware side, we continue to work with our partners at Exaion, who provide hardware in Galileo’s marketplace for computing power. We plan to eventually implement a visualization tool to highlight the reduced carbon footprint of their hardware. Exaion, a signatory of the Crypto Climate Accord, is committed to making crypto 100% renewable, which is imperative as blockchain technology becomes more and more mainstream. This is part of our continued commitment to an ethical world through our processes and end goals and improves the attractiveness of Galileo to a broader audience.


We are both refining our Protocol and distribution of actionable tools in Galileo. The feedback from our testnet has been positive, and we are confident in our evolution that creates an ethical option for our community and the larger world. Our goal is to share not just the optimistic estimates of the technology but practical use cases.

We thank you for your continued support on our journey and look forward to sharing exclusive information on how we are not just improving the system. We are changing it.




Hypernet harnesses blockchain tech and cloud to power data science, simulations, AI, and other computing work.

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Hypernet Labs

Hypernet Labs

Hypernet harnesses blockchain tech and cloud to power data science, simulations, AI, and other computing work.

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