Hypernet Labs Partners with EDF’s Exaion to Transform Cloud Computing Landscape

EDF subsidiary Exaion plans to democratize supercomputing by offering easy and fast access to its high performance machines through Hypernet Labs’ Galileo web application.

Announcing their partnership today, Exaion and Hypernet aim to transform the existing cloud computing landscape, which is both energy intensive and extremely intricate. Exaion Cloud is projected to be accessible through Galileo at the end of July 2021.

Exaion was founded in 2020 by Fatih Balyeli, CEO, and Laurent Bernou-​Mazars, CTO, as a subsidiary of EDF Group. It is specialized in Cloud provision of Blockchain and high-performance Computing (HPC and AI) solutions.

Hypernet Labs offers valuable productivity gains through the Galileo simulation and analysis platform, which can link users to Exaion’s High Performance Computing (HPC) machines in a streamlined way.

“Galileo will enable us to make the full power of our high-performance computing machines available to a wider audience lacking familiarity with the specifics and subtleties of the Cloud. This partnership with Hypernet Labs constitutes a major step in the development of our offering, which aims to be as complete as possible but also accessible to everyone,” says Exaion CEO and co-founder Fatih Balyeli.

Modern cloud productivity tools can be combined with state-of-the-art HPC systems in Galileo, which allows them to be used in tandem. In a unified dashboard, users will be able to leverage standard cloud storage solutions while harnessing the power of Exaion’s high performance machines for their computing processes.

The companies aim to build a fast and intuitive onramp to high performance computing. Galileo will make it possible for users to move their work from generic cloud virtual machines to Exaion’s HPC systems by toggling one box in the web-based interface. The rest of the setup conversion will be handled within Galileo, which will offer a greatly simplified onboarding process and more flexibility for users.

Exaion’s green cloud options aid in reducing the environmental impact of the digital sector. Its ISO 50001-certified infrastructures and optimized energy consumption scheduling reduce the carbon footprint of supercomputing. All Exaion assets are based in France and benefit from EDF Group’s high level standards and cybersecurity.

Read the full press release here. (Available in French here.)

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