We have some exciting announcements for our Hypernet Protocol and our Galileo app.

These benchmarks serve to reach our ultimate goal of increasing accessibility to Web 3.0 for the general public and creating a transparent, scalable, and secure ecosystem for users of the Hypernet Protocol.

Ceramic Integration

Our team has been using…

Adopting any bleeding-edge technology can be tracked by the amount of difficulty required in the implementation, both in the existing knowledge base and the number of resources dedicated to adoption.

Our mission at Hypernet Protocol has been to create a people-centric model for the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. While…

Hypernet Labs Announces New Features on Galileo and Advancements on the Hypernet Protocol

We are rapidly expanding testing of the Hypernet Protocol. As we near completion of our private testnet, we will be moving quickly to an open testnet and deployment on Ethereum’s Rinkeby. If you are interested in joining our exclusive private testnet, please sign up here.

Our mission is to create…

This month we are ecstatic to announce that we have reached a major milestone: the first phase of TestNet has begun.

We have officially commenced our private TestNet with core community members. Phase 1 involves initial, invite-only, testing sessions with a small cohort of select users.

Test users are currently able to carry out computing processes in Galileo and pay for their computing power using TestNet tokens and a test version of the Hypernet Protocol.

Since its inception, our…

Hypernet Labs

Hypernet harnesses blockchain tech and cloud to power data science, simulations, AI, and other computing work.

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